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Warsaw Forest Agreement, But What About Deserts?

The UNFCCC COP-19 meeting that concluded last week in Warsaw arrived at important agreement on the REDD+ program (see the as-yet unofficial documents here). REDD stands for Reducing Emissions from Degradation and Deforestation. REDD+ functions, to be very brief, as a means of enabling the preservation of tropical forests. These forests are largely in less […]

Free the Arctic 30



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Battle in Canada: First Nations v. Frackers

Mi’kmaq protestors in Rexton, New Brunswick faced violent Royal Canadian Mounted Police response.

The RCMP assault featured tear gas, rubber bullets, snipers stationed nearby, and the arrest of 40 First Nations people, including Chief Aaren Sock of the Elsipogtog. Protestors burned several police cars. The police were enforcing an injunction against the on-going protest.

The […]

IDEM approves BP wastewater permit requiring major mercury reductions

Refining Canadian tar sands is dirty business, as those following the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana already know. Indiana does not have a great track record on curbing emissions from the refineries and other heavy industry in its northwest corner (including the cities of East Chicago, Gary, and Whiting), but in this instance the Indiana […]


Fracking Politics are complicated. This article gives an interesting portrait of “fractivists” in Pennsylvania’s Delaware River Valley, and incidentally mentions the GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES paid TO GAS COMPANIES when they sign leases to drill for natural gas. I guess these subsidies are part of Obama’s “clean energy” agenda.

Fall 2013: Climate Change Preview

Thank-you to Marcia G. Yerman, who published this Fall Climate Change Preview on Daily Kos.

BP Tar Sands Refinery: Triple Threat Mercury Dumping


Post-Colonialism and The Empire of Climate Change

Anthropogenic climate change is an avatar of the current environmental crisis, but it alone does not begin to capture the enormity of the environmental destruction we, the human collective, are inflicting on the world. […]

Sea Urchins the Sought After Tech Fix?

As I write about elsewhere, the challenge of governing climate change has proven itself far too difficult for the world’s leaders. Could sea urchins provide the much sought after tech-fix?

The BBC report on how sea urchins use nickel to convert CO2 into shells and spines points to a process that humans might be able […]

Geoengineering: Rogue Iron Fertilization and Beyond

It is a simple “tech fix”. That is all that is needed to correct the imbalances wrought by climate change. I heard this hubris first at a conference at Georgetown University back in 2003. But the temptation is strong. There is potential for huge profits for some. And it seems such a convenient escape hatch, […]