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Plastic-to-Oil: One Liter Oil from One Kilo Plastic

This video, broadcast by the United Nations University, presents a Japanese invention that converts plastic into oil.

This is recycling on steroids, with awesome possibilities if it is truly effective. It is not a hoax, and could provide small scale businesses with a source of energy. The portability of the machine is a distinctive feature.


Toward a History of the Future

The goal is to produce an awareness of the struggles over averting worst-case outcomes of the environmental crisis. These struggles for a green future are humanity on the cusp, trying to turn at a clear historical turning point.

Historians know of failed turning points. The European revolutions of 1848, for example. The Russian Revolution of […]

Magic Mushroom Revolution

Magic Mushrooms defeat Plastic in Epoch-Making Competition […]

Cool the Earth, Save the Economy: Solving the Climate Crisis is Easy

This post is from the website of U.C. Berkeley professor, John Harte. If only solving climate change were fundamentally about science and sound policy, and not so much about economic interests and politics. About the Book

What is global warming? What are its consequences, left unchecked? How do we solve it?

Written as a concise […]

History of Climate Change Science

Spencer Weart’s website on the history of climate change science is a fabulous resource.

Salon.com and Green Inc. on Invisible Climate Change

climate change is invisible. Climate Change: Picturing the Science makes it visible. […]

Scientific Consensus on Climate Change: Naomi Oreskes

In this chapter Naomi Oreskes, Professor at the University of San Diego, gives an analysis of climate change science based on her extensive evaluation of the literature. She argues that the science community ended controversy over human-generated global warming in or around 2004. The popular opinion in the U.S., she notes, lags behind the science, […]

Surround Sound Tactic of Alliance for Climate Protection

Surround sound means using every available means of communication to push the message about climate change and how people can confront it. The Alliance for Climate Protection, with Al Gore as Chairman of the Board, is emphasizing social networking sites and viral marketing as well as partnering with other organizations to create wide-spread engagement with […]

A Demonstration of Climate Change

Climate Change in Our World

Science of Climate Change Educational Videos

Podcasts on Climate Change from the University of Arizona.