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Warsaw Negotiations Dominated by Fossil Fuel Corporate Lobbyists?

We’ve been seeing a lot of reports of protests at the COP 19 negotiations in Warsaw. Protestors are targeting the heavy presence of corporate interests at these negotiations. The COP (that’s Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC) is supposed to be dedicated to diplomatic policy-making to reduce green house gas emissions.

Warsaw, however, is […]

Philippines and Warsaw Climate Negotiations

RTCC Nov 11 with full transcript: Philippines negotiator Nasarev (Yeb) Sano declares hunger fast.


“Excerpt [from Yeb Sano’s transcript]: These last two days, there are moments when I feel that I should rally behind the climate advocates who peacefully confront those historically responsible for the current […]

Greenpeace Piracy wins Noble Laureates’ Support

Greenpeace again has pushed the boundaries on eco-protesting. Greenpeace is no stranger to internationial environmental controversy. In 1985 the French bombing of the Rainbow Warrior brought Greenpeace into the international limelight.

Greepeace Activists protesting Arctic Sea drilling now sit in jail in Russia, facing charges of piracy.

Eleven noble laureates have signed a letter to […]


The news is out that Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) produces less leaked methane gas than previously thought.

The Heavy-Hitter environmental organization, Environmental Defense Fund (known as EDF), sponsored this study in alliance with nine petrochemical companies (Anadarko Petroleum Corporation; BG Group plc; Chevron; Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.; Pioneer Natural Resources Company; SWEPI LP (Shell); […]

Take to the Streets: NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION

Tired of sitting in your office all day? Wondering how to reconnect your love of the environment with your day-to-day? Try participating the NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION. […]

Naomi Klein Attacked by “Climate Progress”

No, Naomi Klein And Salon, ‘Denialism’ By Enviros Has Not Been ‘More Damaging Than The Right-Wing Denialism’ […]

Naomi Klein: Blaming Environmentalists for Climate Change?

Did you read the interview of Naomi Klein, author of Shock Doctrine and collaborator with Bill McKibben in the 350.0rg protests against the Keystone XL Pipeline, in which she criticizes environmental groups for having a negative impact on efforts to reduce green house gas emissions? […]

Climate Change Deniers in Congress: Are You Redfaced Yet?

From the Washington Post to The Rachel Madow Show, our campaign to call out climate change deniers is getting fantastic national coverage. Watch Maddow’s segment and chip in today to help us keep the pressure on! This is the advertizing campaign launched by LCV to combat the impact of deep-pocket climate deniers on U.S. […]

Toward a History of the Future

The goal is to produce an awareness of the struggles over averting worst-case outcomes of the environmental crisis. These struggles for a green future are humanity on the cusp, trying to turn at a clear historical turning point.

Historians know of failed turning points. The European revolutions of 1848, for example. The Russian Revolution of […]

BP Tar Sands Refinery: Triple Threat Mercury Dumping