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Fracking Class Action Won against Chesapeake Energy Inc.

Landowners in Pennsylvania who had leased land for fracking won a class action lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy, Inc. in early September, 2013. See the news report. The reported settlement amount is $7.5 million.

The law suit charged that Chesapeake cheated landowners of royalties from the natural gas mines. This was achieved by charging for costs […]


Fracking Politics are complicated. This article gives an interesting portrait of “fractivists” in Pennsylvania’s Delaware River Valley, and incidentally mentions the GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES paid TO GAS COMPANIES when they sign leases to drill for natural gas. I guess these subsidies are part of Obama’s “clean energy” agenda.


Freedom Summer ’09 is a group dedicated to making the summer of 2009 a memorable moment in the history of climate change activism. Organized by Tom Pollak, Freedom Summer ’09 takes its name from the famous Freedom Summer of 1964, which featured voter registration of African Americans in Mississippi. Freedom Summer ’09 aims to turn […]

Obama’s Leadership in Creating a New Culture of Climate Change

Obama Administration creates Culture of Climate Change […]