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Post-Colonialism and The Empire of Climate Change

Anthropogenic climate change is an avatar of the current environmental crisis, but it alone does not begin to capture the enormity of the environmental destruction we, the human collective, are inflicting on the world. […]

Eco-Terrorism? or Community-based Environmentalism? Why are our neighbors the enemy?

Is it against the law to oppose fracking? If you organize a neighborhood group to share information and try to prevent ground-water pollution in your community, are you a terrorist? Read Adam Federman’s article posted here to find out what happens in Pennsylvania to ordinary people concerned about toxic pollution in their neighborhoods: Published on […]

Thrive Movement vs. The Scientists

If 97% of scientists agree that anthropogenic forces are creating climate change, then why does nearly half the U.S. population express doubt about this? Conspiracy theory, the ThriveMovement and Cathy O’Brien’s MKUltra mind-control enslavement tell us why. […]