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Sari Art & Climate Resilience: Film by Monica Bose & Nandita Ahmed



A Kickstarter Project by the U.S. based Blangladeshi women artist and film maker, Monica Bose and Nandita Ahmed.

Monica Bose, based in Washington DC, is a visual and performance artist with family roots in Katakhali.

You can see Monica […]

Thrive Movement vs. The Scientists

If 97% of scientists agree that anthropogenic forces are creating climate change, then why does nearly half the U.S. population express doubt about this? Conspiracy theory, the ThriveMovement and Cathy O’Brien’s MKUltra mind-control enslavement tell us why. […]

Salon.com and Green Inc. on Invisible Climate Change

climate change is invisible. Climate Change: Picturing the Science makes it visible. […]

A Demonstration of Climate Change

Climate Change in Our World

Earth 2100: Catalyst for …?

The New ABC show to air in 2009, Earth 2100 is part news cast, part popular imagination of what life will be like given climate predictions by leading scientists combined with resource depletion and rapid population growth. The game EARTH 2100 demonstrates various climatic predictions around the globe and asks participates to create imaginary-docu-videos recounting […]

Celebrity Environmentalism

For those who love the natural world and want to help protect it a big issue is how to get people’s attention. Playing to the media and generating publicity aims to get attention so that people will notice garbage in the oceans, melting glaciers, devastated estuaries, and to get attention so that people will change […]