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The Price of Nature

The culture of climate change has encouraged putting a price tag on all the diverse elements of the natural world. Whereas in the old era, pre-climate change culture, polluters polluted for free, in the new era carbon caps will gradually begin to exact payment for carbon emissions.

There is already a booming industry in carbon […]

TakingIt Global: Youth Culture and Climate Change

Art, essays, and poetry on culture, identity and climate change are featured in the third issue of TIG, which stands for TakingIt Global. This issue is multi-lingual, with contributions in original languages from around the globe.


Freedom Summer ’09 is a group dedicated to making the summer of 2009 a memorable moment in the history of climate change activism. Organized by Tom Pollak, Freedom Summer ’09 takes its name from the famous Freedom Summer of 1964, which featured voter registration of African Americans in Mississippi. Freedom Summer ’09 aims to turn […]

Old King Coal was a Merry Old Soul

The Climate Change bill (The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009) scheduled to come up for a vote next week in Congress contains language that ends key provisions of the Clean Air Act. The proposed legislation would allow old coal plants to continue emitting based on free carbon allowances, and would allow some […]

Financing Community-based Climate Change Projects

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) funds small grants for climate change adaptation and mitigation. These grants cannot be used to aid people displaced by climate change. They can only be used for environmental projects. So, if your aim is to aid people directly impacted by climate change, then you need to somehow develop a project […]

History of Climate Change Science

Spencer Weart’s website on the history of climate change science is a fabulous resource.

Gender Justice in Times of Climate Change

Gender Justice in Times of Climate Change was an international conference hosted in Poznan in December of 2008. GenderCC and Genanet sponsored the events.

A commissioned study on gender and climate change in Ghana, Senegal and Bangladesh was published in 2008, and the World Conservation Union published a fact sheet on gender and climate change […]

Euro-China Culture of Climate Change Arts Dialogue

In October of 2008 a group of European and Chinese artists met in Beijing for a cross-cultural dialogue on how the arts can respond to climate change. The events were ponsored by the Asia-Europe Foundation, Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Research Centre for Sustainable Development (RCSD), the China […]

Huffington Post Criticizes Business Concealment of Climate Change Risk

The Huffington Post story is here.

Berkman Center for Internet and Society: Media Cloud and Culture

How can we measure the growth in interest in climate change? It seems like lately television is awash in big corporate advertisements claiming to make contributions to climate change prevention. The number of websites, blogs, and media reports on climate change and its impact seems to grow daily. But how can we measure this? How […]