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World Bank Investigates Cognitive Challenges

The World Bank gives and the World Bank takes away. With respect to climate change, the World Bank is funding the expansion of coal-fired power plants in India and China that will vastly increase the rate of CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere. The World Bank also funds so-called climate change mitigation and adaptation programs. What […]

Communicate Global Warming?

Nov. 23, 2009

Communications professionals employ sophisticated analysis of image, word, attitude and action. The professionals at Environmental Communication Network have started a blog on environmental communication and culture called Indications. The posts so far entertain with the wide variety of materials posted. The Sierra Club’s video, coal is too dirty even for college, shines […]

Hacked Emails and PR Wars

Nov. 23, 2009

Science is being claimed by media culture in this hullabaloo of the hacked emails. Pro-climate change scientists are confident that their emails reveal little other than normal scientific chatter about opposing researchers whose work they disdain.

Anti-climate change forces allied to powerful oil and gas industries are feared to be plotting a […]

Climate Science and the Culture of Climate Change

This website focuses on the Culture of Climate Change, and NOT on climate science. Spencer Weart is the expert-of-reference on the history of climate science. However, the Culture of Climate Change is underwritten by climate science. It is the scientific consensus that anthropogenic climate change threatens the ecological systems across the globe. This scientific consensus […]