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FUTURISTS at Singularity University

If Environmentalists trend toward doomsday predictions, the Futurists of Silicon Valley and Singularity University lean toward undiluted euphoria fueled by their own technocratic fantasies. These futurists, unlike most of us, have the ability to make fantasies into reality.

Al Gore, in his book The Future, writes about the awesome impact EXPONENTIAL TECHNOLOGIES will soon have […]

Certain Suffering: Human Costs of Climate Change


Boalt Hall professor of law, Andrew Guzman, says that if only people understood the HUMAN COSTS of Climate Change, action to prevent global warming might be accomplished.

Read Guzman’s recently published book, OVERHEATED: The Human Costs of Climate Change:

[I]ts strength lies in its clear-eyed assessment of the costs involved in various policy responses […]

Eco-Terrorism? or Community-based Environmentalism? Why are our neighbors the enemy?

Is it against the law to oppose fracking? If you organize a neighborhood group to share information and try to prevent ground-water pollution in your community, are you a terrorist? Read Adam Federman’s article posted here to find out what happens in Pennsylvania to ordinary people concerned about toxic pollution in their neighborhoods: Published on […]