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Plastic-to-Oil: One Liter Oil from One Kilo Plastic

This video, broadcast by the United Nations University, presents a Japanese invention that converts plastic into oil.

This is recycling on steroids, with awesome possibilities if it is truly effective. It is not a hoax, and could provide small scale businesses with a source of energy. The portability of the machine is a distinctive feature.


Climate Change Deniers in Congress: Are You Redfaced Yet?

From the Washington Post to The Rachel Madow Show, our campaign to call out climate change deniers is getting fantastic national coverage. Watch Maddow’s segment and chip in today to help us keep the pressure on! This is the advertizing campaign launched by LCV to combat the impact of deep-pocket climate deniers on U.S. […]

Toward a History of the Future

The goal is to produce an awareness of the struggles over averting worst-case outcomes of the environmental crisis. These struggles for a green future are humanity on the cusp, trying to turn at a clear historical turning point.

Historians know of failed turning points. The European revolutions of 1848, for example. The Russian Revolution of […]

Women Eco-Activists coming to New York, Sept. 20, 2013

The International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit is scheduled for the 20th through 23rd of September in New York.

Sign up for remote, teleconference and web-based participation

The participation of women around the world – including you and your friends and colleagues – via live streaming and online interaction is key to the success of […]

BP Tar Sands Refinery: Triple Threat Mercury Dumping


Post-Colonialism and The Empire of Climate Change

Anthropogenic climate change is an avatar of the current environmental crisis, but it alone does not begin to capture the enormity of the environmental destruction we, the human collective, are inflicting on the world. […]