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IDEM approves BP wastewater permit requiring major mercury reductions

Refining Canadian tar sands is dirty business, as those following the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana already know. Indiana does not have a great track record on curbing emissions from the refineries and other heavy industry in its northwest corner (including the cities of East Chicago, Gary, and Whiting), but in this instance the Indiana […]

Fracking Class Action Won against Chesapeake Energy Inc.

Landowners in Pennsylvania who had leased land for fracking won a class action lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy, Inc. in early September, 2013. See the news report. The reported settlement amount is $7.5 million.

The law suit charged that Chesapeake cheated landowners of royalties from the natural gas mines. This was achieved by charging for costs […]


Fracking Politics are complicated. This article gives an interesting portrait of “fractivists” in Pennsylvania’s Delaware River Valley, and incidentally mentions the GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES paid TO GAS COMPANIES when they sign leases to drill for natural gas. I guess these subsidies are part of Obama’s “clean energy” agenda.


The news is out that Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) produces less leaked methane gas than previously thought.

The Heavy-Hitter environmental organization, Environmental Defense Fund (known as EDF), sponsored this study in alliance with nine petrochemical companies (Anadarko Petroleum Corporation; BG Group plc; Chevron; Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.; Pioneer Natural Resources Company; SWEPI LP (Shell); […]

Take to the Streets: NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION

Tired of sitting in your office all day? Wondering how to reconnect your love of the environment with your day-to-day? Try participating the NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION. […]

Naomi Klein Attacked by “Climate Progress”

No, Naomi Klein And Salon, ‘Denialism’ By Enviros Has Not Been ‘More Damaging Than The Right-Wing Denialism’ […]

Fall 2013: Climate Change Preview

Thank-you to Marcia G. Yerman, who published this Fall Climate Change Preview on Daily Kos.

Naomi Klein: Blaming Environmentalists for Climate Change?

Did you read the interview of Naomi Klein, author of Shock Doctrine and collaborator with Bill McKibben in the 350.0rg protests against the Keystone XL Pipeline, in which she criticizes environmental groups for having a negative impact on efforts to reduce green house gas emissions? […]

Critical Thinking on Climate Change: U.S. Senate Minority Report

Climate Change Denial by U.S. Senate Republicans. Judith Curry rehash. […]