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Kirabati: Climate Refugee Claim Denied by New Zealand

It is no secret to lawyers and human rights activists that international refugee law does not accomodate those who lose their homes due to anthropogenic climate change.

New Zealand’s denial of a claim for refugee status by a man from Kirabati has confirmed this standard analysis. The Kirabati islands are low-lying, and are increasingly inundated […]

Warsaw Forest Agreement, But What About Deserts?

The UNFCCC COP-19 meeting that concluded last week in Warsaw arrived at important agreement on the REDD+ program (see the as-yet unofficial documents here). REDD stands for Reducing Emissions from Degradation and Deforestation. REDD+ functions, to be very brief, as a means of enabling the preservation of tropical forests. These forests are largely in less […]

Warsaw Negotiations Dominated by Fossil Fuel Corporate Lobbyists?

We’ve been seeing a lot of reports of protests at the COP 19 negotiations in Warsaw. Protestors are targeting the heavy presence of corporate interests at these negotiations. The COP (that’s Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC) is supposed to be dedicated to diplomatic policy-making to reduce green house gas emissions.

Warsaw, however, is […]

Free the Arctic 30



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Philippines and Warsaw Climate Negotiations

RTCC Nov 11 with full transcript: Philippines negotiator Nasarev (Yeb) Sano declares hunger fast.


“Excerpt [from Yeb Sano’s transcript]: These last two days, there are moments when I feel that I should rally behind the climate advocates who peacefully confront those historically responsible for the current […]

Learning to Die in the Anthropocene

Roy Scranton’s NY Times Op-Ed stands as a scathing indictment of all those pursuing climate change adaptation. Scranton argues that our civilization is already dead, we must accept that and build a new world. Adaptationists work to build a more-of-the-same world, just with sea walls and water-proof cellars.

But of course, even if it is […]

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan: Extreme Weather of the Anthropocene

This is the new normal of the Anthropocene. Extreme weather leading to devastating loss of life and property is like a lottery system for who will suffer the brunt of anthropogenic global warming.

Global political response to such sporadic and far-flung destruction is inept. The current conference of the parties to the United Nations Climate […]

Dying Embers of Coal. Or not?

President Obama’s administration recently announced the the United States would no longer finance the building of new coal fired power plants. This new policy marks an achievement long sought by environmental groups.

However, powerful international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, have not followed suit.

The president’s new policy meshes with the domestic policy […]

One billion litres of contaminated water into the Athabasca River

As reported on WC Native News:


The “major failure” of a pit at an Alberta coal mine has released one billion litres of contaminated water into the Athabasca River.

The breach at the Obed Mountain Coal Mine has resulted in murky water entering two tributaries, which carried the refuse into the Athabasca and is […]